Anglo-Catholic and Charismatic?

From the beginning my faith has been nurtured by the Anglo-Catholic side of the church, where all the senses are engaged in worship. But, from the first time I attended the Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage, I have been aware of the work of the Holy Spirit in styles of worship not usually thought of as Anglo-Catholic.

It has been a tension, and one of the reasons I chose Ripon College Cuddesdon to train for ordination was because it had a breadth of traditions represented amongst its student body (from Forward in Faith Anglo-Catholics to fairly conservative evangelical) and I felt that would equip me better for ministry in addition to allowing me to further explore the tradition(s) to which I belong.

My time in South Africa, in fact, helped me more, as I experienced churches which were almost Pentecostal as well as Anglican, full of joy and enthusiasm about what God is doing in the lives of those present. As we expect the Holy Spirit to act.

When I moved to North Holmwood I joined the Society of Catholic Priests, an association of clergy in the Anglican Communion who identify as being Anglo-Catholic but also fully affirm the ordination of women as priests (which is not always the case). And, for a time, I was Rector of the Guildford diocesan chapter of SCP with a special consideration for how priests can be supported in their particular ministries.

But I was also moving in a charismatic direction, and discovered through social media On Fire Mission – an Anglican organisation which is both charismatic and sacramental. I started attending their annual conferences and was fed so much as I further sought to recognise and be open to the work of the Holy Spirit. For a while I served on the committee planning worship for the annual conference. A London-based clergy group of On Fire began, to which I am still attached although geography means I am generally unable to attend meetings in person.

On Fire Mission
On Fire Mission annual conference

Just before moving to Guernsey I attended a meeting of the Sodality of Mary, Mother of Priests, an Anglican devotional society with the aim of a renewal of holiness amongst clergy with a particular devotion to Our Lady and drawing closer to Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. Since the beginning of the Pandemic the Sodality has grown immensely across several continents and we continue to work out how our shared life works in this new context.

Sodality of Mary
Sodality of Mary, Mother of Priests concelebrated Mass