Guernsey Press, 5 June 2021

During this 15 months of lockdown it seems many of us have all learnt new skills and almost a new language – Facetiming friends, Zooming church services, WhatsApping people, and so much more. We have watched live streams of CCA media briefings, some of which were video conferences on Microsoft Teams, to name but a few. It is as if we speak a new language!

We have been unable to travel, and have been cut off from so much which we normally take for granted. Replaced instead by letters, emails, phone calls, and even video calls.

Wonderful as this technology is, we miss normal contact with friends and family who don’t live in Guernsey. And, as time goes by and we move towards the borders re-opening, we both eagerly await it, and dread it. What will life be like when we can travel again, we wonder? Will the virus come back we worry?

When relying on technology for communication it is so easy to get it wrong. Whether that’s ending a message with “lol” thinking it means “lots of love” rather than “laughing out loud”, or simply saying something we immediately know we shouldn’t have. And, as this pandemic continues, sometimes we can allow the pressure to get to us in our responses to those around us.

Life is normal. Except, in all honesty, it isn’t. Accepting that is quite painful, it hurts. We tell ourselves we should act normally; but our worries about the virus, vaccinations, travel restrictions, isolation from loved ones, and so on all eat away at us.

As we continue to move through this pandemic, hoping there isn’t a third wave in Guernsey, may we try to be kind to each other – and to ourselves – because, in all honesty, most of us are struggling with the pressure.

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